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Instant road Repair pothole patching compound offers the best solution to the road contractors and others to fill potholes and repair roads. Our skilled chemists & technicians know the region-specific formulas to develop a premium quality of instant road repair compound. Use our instant road repair pothole patching formula to make sure the patch lasts longer year-round on roads, driveways, highways and more. To be the leading manufacturers and suppliers of instant road repair compound in West Bengal, Our road repair patch solutions wipe out a pothole and save repair costs also. Instant Road repair compound solution is  ready to use for Pot-hole, easy application, and release traffic instantly. Grades available from 3mm to 10mm. All weather suitable, running successfully across the world.


Insta Roadfix is a revolutionary product for repairing Potholes, Edge Deformations and Trench Work. It is used for filling normal/small potholes approximately 0.5 sq. Meter in size. This road repair material can be used by road contractors and others to fill potholes and repair roads. 

Insta Roadfix is manufactured with the clean graded aggregate and specially designed Bitumen Emulsion and packed in an airtight double laminated bag. The pothole filling material is easy to use and very cost-effective. Insta Roadfix is a convenient product for Pothole Repair work in all weather condition


  • For permanent road repairs in heavy trafficked road >100mm depth.

  • Use in all weathers, climates and temperature.

  • No waste

  • Coverage : approx. 1m2 at 12-15mm.

Benefits of Insta Roadfix:

  • Simple Application

  • Green Technology

  • Open traffic immediately

  • Quick Turnaround

  • No specialized machine required

  • Mixing or Heating not required

Insta Roadfix comes in convenient ready to use packing of 25/50 kg net HDPE bags with inside LDPE liner.


       Wet Coating

       Minimum 98 %

       Static-Immersion Test

       Minimum 95 %

       Water Resistance

       Minimum 90 %

       Workability Test



Method of Applying the pothole filling material:

Step 1: Mark the pothole along with the weak areas in their vicinity

Step 2: Cut the edges along the marking and remove the loose material till the damaged depth

Step 3: Remove stagnant water using cloth/gunny bag

Step 4: Apply a tack coat on the base and sides using RS1 emulsion @ 0.5 kg / sq. meter

Step 5: Cut-open Insta Roadfix bags and fill the pothole up to a level slightly higher than the adjoining road surface

Step 6: Compact the pothole with roller or hand rammer

Step 7: Traffic may be allowed immediately after covering up the top surface with stone dust, lime or grass/leaves

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